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At last summer is here!!

  • Highest temperatures so far this summer was 29 degrees in the South East on Friday 27th May 2005
  • Due to low rainfall so far this year everyone should take care to monitor how much water they use
  • Summer is a very popular time for bbqs and picnics

Good picnic and BBQ foods
sandwiches, sausages, strawberries,veggie burgers, yoghurts,chicken drumsticks,apples,vegetable kebabs,salads and grilled tomatoes

With these delicious ideas in mind, why not design and organise a WASTE FREE PICNIC or BBQ?

Start by listing who you would like to come. How about designing a poster or invite? Remember these tips when designing a poster or invitations

  • Who is your audience - Who will be reading it? How old will they be?
  • What is your message - What are you organising? Do people need to bring something? Are there special requirements?
  • USE BIG LETTERS - make sure your words are large and clear
  • Make it interesting - How about some facts about Waste Reduction or Waste issues at school?
  • Finally - Don't forget time and place!
  • Waste Free Ideas
    • Get together with your friends and make some sandwiches
    • Pick up some fruit and vegetables from a local market. These will be waste free and often cheaper than your supermarket Make your own beefburgers or vegetable kebabs. These are much tastier and WASTE FREE!
    • Prepare all your food at home first and place them on plates with a cover so that everyone can help themselves. Buffet style is much more fun then individual paper plates!
    • Make sure you all take your reusable drinking flasks. You could even make some homemade lemonade

    Please let us know if you organise a WASTE FREE picnic or bbq and how it went. Don't forget, if you are having your lunch outside to leave everything how you find it!


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