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10 Guaranteed Tips to Secure Your iPhone Against Hackers

10 Guaranteed Tips to Secure Your iPhone Against Hackers

Whenever we hear about iPhone’s getting hacked, we never stop and think that it could actually happen to us – but the situation is less farfetched than you would think. In fact, each year large tech companies including Apple hire ‘good guy’ hackers to search for loopholes and bugs that can be rectified before they fall into the wrong hands. iPhone hacking is a lot more common than you would think. Even after copious layers of security and passwords that Apple implements to secure your iPhone, a hacker may still be able to worm their way in. But, although it’s not something that you should be panicking over just yet, it’s always good to take precaution and ensure that your iPhone is as secure as it possibly can be. The 10 tips below will show you how to secure your phone from hackers.


1. Switch to a Six Digit or Longer Passcode

Probably the most obvious yet effective tip our list – upping your passcode. Although Apple made six-digit passcodes a default feature, many users still stick to the standard four-digit passcode or alternatively none at all. Yes, it may be annoying to continuously tap it in, but this is the foundation of securing your iPhone. Although an extra two added digits may not seem worthwhile, the possible combinations for four characters versus six makes a huge difference. If you’re serious about assuring the security of your iPhone, you should consider setting a passcode with both numbers and letters. To do this:


  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Touch ID & Passcode.
  • Select Change Passcode.
  • When selecting your new passcode, select the Passcode options and tap ‘Custom Numeric Code’ or to guarantee the security of your iPhone even further select ‘Custom Alphanumeric Code’.


2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication


This is Apple’s latest ‘fool proof’ method for ensuring the security of your iPhone. When Two Factor Authentication is enabled, you use a trusted device to log into your new device. For example, when you buy a new Apple product and you sign in using your existing Apple ID, your other trusted devices will receive a notification seeking approval. Once you enter the verification code the new device will be approved. This feature not only prevents iPhone hacking but also every other key chain approved Apple device you own. This is because every time someone logs into your Apple ID you will receive a notification and then have the choice to either accept or deny the request.  To turn on Two-Factor Authentication:


  • Open settings on your iPhone
  • Select ‘Password & Security’
  • Tap ‘Two-Factor Authentication’


3. Turn on Find My iPhone

This feature is a must have for any iPhone user. This step is self-explanatory and by enabling this you are able to see the precise location of any of your devices. Although there’s nothing you can do to retrieve the phone if it has fallen into the wrong hands, you can remotely erase your data so hackers can’t retrieve any of your personal information. Ensure that this is turned on by:


  • Opening the Settings app.
  • Selecting your ‘Apple ID’ and the select ‘iCloud’.
  • Scrolling down to ‘Find My iPhone’ and enable this.


4.Update iOS regularly

The dreaded iOS update, every iPhone user’s worst nightmare. Although there is a lot of speculation about whether this is good for your device or not, this is crucial element in securing your iPhone against hackers. In every update, Apple improves security features and fixes any previously overlooked vulnerable points that could allow hackers access to your iPhone. To update your iPhone simply:


  • Open the settings app and select ‘General’.
  • Select ‘Software Update’ – if an iOS update is available follow the steps to download and install.



5. Disable Siri on your Lock Screen

Although it’s seen as a much-loved feature by most Apple users, over the years, Siri has played as a major loophole in the access of your iPhone from outside forces. Although Apple are swift to remove these opening’s for hackers by updating its systems regularly, it’s still something to consider doing. If you’re worried about hackers finding their way into your iPhone, turning off Siri on your lock screen is the ultimate precaution for securing your iPhone. To disable Siri on your lock screen:


  • Open the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select ‘Siri’.
  • Deselect ‘Access When Locked’


6. Change your Apple ID Password regularly

Your Apple ID is an integral factor of ensuring in securing your iPhone from hackers as well as overall device security. Therefore, updating your password on a six-monthly basis will ensure no one will be able to access your account. Also, ensure that you’re not using the same password for multiple accounts including social media as this will give a hacker free reign to all your personal details. When choosing a password provide variations of letters and numbers rather than something generic – this will give ultimate security for your iPhone against hackers. To change your Apple ID simply:


  • Open your Settings.
  • Select your name at the top and select ‘Password & Security’.
  • Select ‘Change Password’.


7. Set Your Phone to ‘Self-Erase’

If you are precautious enough and want to ensure hackers won’t be able to obtain your personal details should your iPhone be stolen, you can turn on a setting that will completely wipe your device clean after ten continuous password attempts. As mentioned earlier, only enable this setting if you have essential information on your iPhone that you wouldn’t want exploited – word of warning for the readers with children since ten failed attempts puts you at risk of losing your data at no real threat. But nonetheless, a fantastic security measure for the appropriate audience. To enable this feature:


  • Open your Settings.
  • Select ‘Touch ID & Passcode’.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Erase Data’.


8. Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is one of the easiest way’s hackers can get into your phone as the network is inherently less secure. This could come in many different forms such as fake Wi-Fi connection hotspots which may come across as legitimate – when connecting to an outside hotspot you should consider downloading a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as this will create a ‘safety net’ around your internet activity.

If you do use public Wi-Fi, always make sure you sign out afterwards. If you forget to sign out this gives the opportunity for a hacker to continue your web session and may give them access to your important details. This is done via your cookies, so always remember to sign out to protect your iPhone from hackers.


9. Monitor your Bluetooth

Bluetooth can give a hacker the opportunity to gain access of your personal details without even touching your device and the hacking can also go unnoticed by the iPhone user. It can also infect other devices around you if they also have their Bluetooth switched on. To guarantee the security of your iPhone against hackers make sure your Bluetooth is switched off when you’re not using it and always be aware of any suspicious downloads or URL links in your texts, emails and messenger services including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


10. Be aware of Phishing Scams and Pop Ups

A huge way that many hackers will gain access to your iPhone information is through malware links and scam emails. A great way to tackle this is to only open links, messages and emails that you trust. If you receive any messages from unknown numbers containing strange links, asking for something or containing suspicious text; quite simply delete it. The same goes for emails, if you’re unsure of the sender or received something you hadn’t signed up for then once again, just delete it.

Beware as hackers can seem very legitimate by posing as companies such as Apple. Many people receive these scam emails telling them that they have been ‘locked out of their Apple ID’ or have a ‘new bill’ from the Apple Store – always make sure to check the URL to certify that there aren’t subtle variations of what it should be. Make sure to always be vigilant to guarantee the security of your iPhone.


So, there you have it; the ten guaranteed tips to prevent your iPhone against hackers. But if these tips have failed you or you’re too late and hackers have already ransacked your iPhone of all your personal information – recycling it could be the only way forward. To check out our rates take a look here.