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Broken phone screen? Here is what you can do.

Broken phone screen? Here is what you can do.

According to a recent Mintel report, a massive 24% of smartphone users have broken their phone screen in the last two years. When you take the youngest age-group of British smartphone users, 16-24-year olds are the most likely to have phone display damage, with almost half of them (48%) having smashed their screen in the last two years.

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, the costs associated with smartphones continuously rise. So, when you have a broken phone screen, repair can be an expensive matter. You might be asking yourself whether a cracked phone screen can be fixed. Well, there are a few options open to you.

Continue using your phone

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As I am sure you have seen, most people these days have a cracked screen and they continue using their phone regardless. If the cracks are quite small, this may be your best option, as opposed to a costly phone screen repair. Bear in mind, however, that your phone will be susceptible to more breakages as the screen will be considerably weaker than before.

But, is it safe to use a phone with a cracked screen?

There is a risk that your smartphone screen could become more smashed, as the cracks deepen. This of course poses as a hazard, as you could end up cutting your face whilst using it or having small bits of glass embedded into your finger. However, it is fine to keep using a phone that is only slightly cracked- Just be extra careful with it!


Check to see if the manufacturer will fix the broken phone screen

If your manufacturer, like Apple or Samsung for example, does offer to fix your broken phone, it is worth considering. Although the repairs will be more money, you can be sure that your smartphone is in safe hands as they will know the workings of your particular model of phone.

Another option is of course to go to your local phone repair shop. There are many of these about, so you’ll be sure to find one in your local area that can fix your smashed screen.


Fixing a cracked screen at home

Often not the best solution for those without technical know-how (as you could actually do more harm than good), but the thrifty amongst you will be interested in how you can fix your broken phone screen at home:

  • Buy a repair kit online and watch online tutorials on how to do it. Just search for “repair kit” plus the name of your phone on a website like eBay.
  • The so-called “toothpaste” fix: for small scratches you can rub toothpaste on your screen using a cotton bud to minimise their appearance.
  • Rubbing oil or creams can also have the same effect as the toothpaste fix, but you will need to top it up every now and then.

Consider selling your broken phone

If the prospect of spending hours repairing your phone screen at home is a little daunting, you might want to consider selling your broken phone if you have no other option, or if your phone is damaged beyond repair (this could be the case if you dropped your device in the bath, or is completely smashed after dropping it for example.)

You won’t get the full asking price for your device, which is something to bear in mind, but if your phone is a little older and you fancy an upgrade anyway, selling a cracked iPhone or other smartphone might be a good option. To make sure you get the most cash for your gadget, you could check out the prices available across online mobile phone recyclers on RecycleZone. No matter the state your phone is in, it will have some value, and it’s better to have the cash than a broken phone in any case!


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