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Earn Money Recycling: A Used Electronics Price Guide

Earn Money Recycling: A Used Electronics Price Guide

Electronic waste is becoming a huge problem. Human beings generate 40 million tons of it every year due to fast innovation that pushes older models to be out of date and useless. But, instead of recycling their old iPhones, Nokias and iPods, these devices are left in drawers as ‘back-ups’ or thrown away. We’ll show you in this used electronics price guide how to make money by recycling old electronics.

- The condition of your device:

1. Used electronics price guide

We are quick to move on from models that are still fully operational as the need to have the most up-to-date technology is overwhelming. So, we at Recyclezone say you should earn money recycling your old devices! But which ones are worth the most? This used electronics price guide will show you:

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How much are used smartphones worth?

Smartphones are where the big bucks are when it comes to the prices of used electronics. Obviously the newer the phone, the better. The price guide for used smartphones can range from £8-£650 depending on your make, model and the state of your phone.

The top 3 used phones that are worth the most are currently:

Apple phones seem to carry the highest price tag when it comes to the value of used electronics. However you can also earn up to £155 for an old LG phone that you might have in your drawers!

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How much are used tablets worth?

You can also earn money recycling tablets too, but which used tablets are worth the most?  Predictably, Apple comes out on top again in this used tablets price guide, but you can get some money for any used tablet you might have at home. A general price guide for used tablets can range from £5 to £441.

The top 3 used tablets that have the highest value currently include:

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How much are used smartwatches worth?

Another used device you might have laying around, selling your smartwatch for cash will be a good way to earn money by recycling. A general price guide for used smartwatches is anything from £5 to £160. The most valuable used smartwatch brands are, again, Apple and Samsung.

The top 3 used smartwatches that have the highest value currently include:

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2. Used electronics price guide: what makes your electronics worth more?

Now you have an approximate value of recycled devices, our used electronics price guide reveals some of the criteria that companies consider when calculating the value of old electronics.

The age of the device:

Is your device relatively new? Models of phones, tablets, and other electronic devices are usually valued at a higher price if they are up to 2 years old, as they have relatively up-to-date technical specifications. An exception to this, however, is something that is considered a classic collector’s item, or significant for a particular reason. Take a look at some of these here.

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The status of the brand and if they are popular/respected:

Is the brand hot in the digital world? Are they being talked about for their products, new and old? Influential brands are sure to reap high prices for many of their products, even if slightly older. Take Apple, for instance. As such a dominant force, the iPhone 7 which is over 2 years old, can still be sold for around £200.

The device's technical specifications:

Does your phone have a high-quality camera with intelligent options? Do you have a smart watch with state-of-the-art features? It makes sense that better spec makes for better prices. Another thing important to mention in a used electronics price guide is the device’s hardware: a laptop with a larger storage and processing capability, for instance, is going to help you earn money for recycling.

What the demand for the product is:

Is this product in constant use? Is it sought after by many people in the current digital world? A product that is useful in the modern space is bound to yield a good price. Plus, according to Lord’s article, electronic devices are more valuable if a brand enables them to be used in environments where it wasn’t previously possible to use them.

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Whether the device is special in a particular aspect:

If your product is part of a limited edition range or considered classic/an antique, it is surely one of the things you can recycle for money. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • These ranges are often manufactured in a limited number and so are harder to acquire, meaning people will pay more to get their hands on it.
  • Limited edition ranges are made to commemorate a particular event, which is bound to target dedicated fans and collectors. These fans are known to pay higher prices, to fulfil their desires of owning a product that not many others do.

The condition of your device:

While Recyclezone will still buy damaged phones and tablets from you, it is logical for prices to be affected if your gadget isn’t in full working order. If a cracked phone screen is the problem, it may be worth fixing this first.

We hope that this used electronics price guide has helped you to discover how to make money recycling - while exceptions do exist and each product is valued independently, these criteria are the most influential when it comes to the value of electronics. Now all that’s left is to earn money for recycling!

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