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Which mobile phone is best for me?

Which mobile phone is best for me?

How to choose the right mobile phone?

Whether you want an upgrade, or you have a broken phone screen, we all need to buy a new smartphone at some point. Buying the right phone is an important decision. With the average British person spending 24 hours every single week on their phone, it is no wonder a dose of pre-purchase research is required. At one point or another, everyone simply wants to know “which mobile phone is best for me?”

Find out which phone has the best battery life or camera quality. We created a straightforward guide with the essential factors to consider before signing a lengthy contract or splashing out on a phone outright. Use our guide to determine the best mobile phone to buy. 

Of course, the right phone for you may differ from your friends and family. At the end of the day, it’s your time at stake - not theirs. Let’s put aside the android-ios debate (for now) and objectively identify the best mobile phone for you. 

Top tip to identify which mobile phone is best for me

  1. iPhone owners: use Screen Time (through Apple’s latest update) to determine how much time you spend on your phone, the apps you use and the types of functions that you require. This feature sheds valuable insight as to the type of phone you should buy on your next purchase.

Choose mobile phone by features: phone with the best camera quality

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We can safely say that the Huawei p20 Pro, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus have become known as the phones with the best camera quality. It gets trickier to narrow this competitive feature down to one phone, but the Huawei p20 Pro seems to steal the thunder. 

When thinking about buying a phone with the best camera, zoom can be a handy feature, but it certainly isn’t the primary concern of a photographer due to decreased quality. Even professionals are advised to move closer to their subject, rather than opt for zoom. Lighting is an essential feature, particularly for climates with a lot of grey skies (such as the UK).

Based on your camera preferences, the following list will help you choose a mobile phone by features:

  • Portrait: iPhone X and Huawei P20 Pro 
  • Lowlight: Huawei P20 Pro 
  • Reliability: Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Zoom: Huawei P20 Pro 
  • Focus: Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Colour: iPhone X

Choose a mobile phone by features: phone with the best battery life

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In order to decide what the best mobile phone is to buy, here are four phones with the best battery life:

  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  • Blackberry Motion 
  • IPhone X
  • Samsung Galaxy 8

Keep in mind, certain apps are more prone to drain your battery. For example, your battery will be in greater demand if you are a gamer. However, there is a solution. Invest in a phone with a fast charging system.

The OnePlus 6 may not have the longest battery life, but it does come with a unique feature called Dash Charge. This feature allows you to use a special cord to charge your phone within 30 minutes for a ‘full day’s worth’ of battery life.

What phone is best suited for your lifestyle?

Currently 83% of UK mobile owners use a smartphone. Yet, a smartphone doesn’t suit everyone’s lifestyles. Read on if you’ve already thought about the camera quality, sound, battery life and are still unsure about what is the best phone to buy. There are three primary considerations for individuals buying a phone to match their lifestyle. One should consider their occupation, health and their location. 

Which mobile phone is best for me based on my occupation?

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Your occupation and work requirements may tip the decision-making scale. For example, individuals within the media industry may need to buy a phone with the best camera or recording functions. Believe it or not, the iPhone is often used to record broadcast worthy news stories. 

Equally, many individuals of varying industries are required to market their business on social media. Do you simply need access to LinkedIn and Twitter to contribute thoughtful ideas to your industry? Or will you need an excellent camera to bring these words to life? 

Numerous roles (including parenthood and students) require your organisational skills to be on point. For many, the mobile phone is their life saving solution. Do you work from home? If so, do you need a specific app to work remotely? Simply create a quick list with all the work-related functions you will need, this will help you decide what the best phone to buy is.

Best smartphone for fitness

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Technology has revolutionised the way in which people attend to their health requirements. In America, 60% of smartphone users manage their health on their mobile device. Perhaps, you could benefit from a phone to aid your fitness or a mobile equipped with assistive technology to enhance your quality of life.

So, what is the best smartphone for fitness? Most phones track your steps, provide workout sessions and organise your healthy meal plan and grocery list. So, no matter the phone, it should be able to track your fitness sufficiently. Ultimately, there are great apps for both android and apple. Here are some of our favourites to help you determine the best phone to assist a healthy lifestyle!

Mental Health: Headspace is a fantastic app for mental wellbeing.

Meal plan, diets and fitness: LifeSum is basically the Mary Poppins of health. Why? From dieting to exercise, this app has so many features all wrapped up in one cozy app to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Both of these apps are Apple and Android friendly and worth downloading onto your next phone. If you have a gym membership, chances are that you will benefit from their apps. If you have a favourite app, double check what operating system it requires. This tip will help you choose a mobile phone by features.

iPhones are increasingly becoming larger and larger. Whilst this is great for the eyes, clothing companies (particularly for women’s apparel) didn’t catch the gist. The problem? Small pockets and big phones. This can be particularly tricky whilst exercising. Unless you go all out and treat yourself to an Apple watch as well.

Which mobile phone is best for me based on my location?

Location is a key consideration prior to buying a new phone. For starters, will you have the option to use your phone abroad? Some phones do not have a sim card. You are stuck with the network. You are stuck with your phone. So watch out for this, particularly if you may relocate to another country. 

When choosing the best mobile phone to buy for yourself or a friend, it is important to also consider what network will give you the most signal. If you go into an EE shop, the fees may vary from 02. However, if your decision is fundamentally based on cost rather than carefully selecting network, you may end up with a great phone but no single. The result? Detrimental. 

What is the best mobile phone to buy?

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Ultimately, there are many ways to choose the best mobile phone. It can be overwhelming! A good old list is often a great place to start. Write down all of your must-haves and consider some of our suggestions. You can test the phones out in store and even speak with a sales advisor.

However, don’t rush into buying a phone simply because of a flashy promotion. There are plenty of sales and deals going, so take your time. Sale advisors often work on commission. They want you to sign a contract - any contract! When you find a phone you like, remember to check which network gives you the best coverage.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the best mobile phone to buy. Now, you may be wondering what to do with your old phone. Stick it in the ‘man draw’ for keepsake? Alternatively, you could get some quick cash through recycling your old phone

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