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How much of a waster are you?

Find out how good you are at looking after the Earth's resources by trying this 'lifestyle challenge' based on a typical school day.

Q1.  You take a drink to school. Do you:
buy a can of drink and throw it away?
take a plastic flask which you can use again and again?
buy a can of drink and recycle the can?
refill the plastic bottle that you bought yesterday?

Q2.  You have a lot of things to carry. Do you:
use the school bag which you use every day?
use a supermarket carrier bag which you'll use today and then throw away?
use a plastic carrier bag and take it to the supermarket for recycling?
use the same carrier bag that you used yesterday?

Q3.  In your first lesson you have to write a story. You make a mistake in the first sentence. Do you:
throw the paper in the bin and get a new piece?
put the paper in the scrap drawer for someone else to use?
put the paper in the box from which paper is taken for recycling?
rub out the mistake and carry on?

Q4.  In maths, your class is given a worksheet to do. The teacher gives you one sheet each and it's only printed on one side. Do you:
suggest that they could print it on both sides and just give you one sheet between two?
put the sheet in the recycling box when you've finished with it?
give the sheet back to your teacher when you've finished with it so that it can be used again next year?
keep your mouth shut and get on with the work?

Q5.  You usually take a packed lunch to school. Do you bring:
a resealable plastic box with no other wrapping inside it?
sandwiches and cakes from the supermarket, individually wrapped in plastic?
cake wrapped in aluminium foil which can be used again the next day?
sandwiches wrapped in aluminium foil which you will take home for recycling?

Q6.  You notice that your school is having a delivery of new paper? Do you:
ask whether the head teacher has ordered recycled paper?
suggest ways in which your school could use less paper in the first place?
check that everyone in your school is using paper on both sides?
say nothing? It's none of your business?

Q7.  In the afternoon it's design and technology and you're making a model. Do you design your model so that it can be made:
only from new sheets of cardboard provided by school?
from offcuts of cardboard, parts of which have already been used for something else?
from cereal packets and other cardboard that you've brought from home?
from a construction kit (e.g. K'nex or Lego) that can be used over and over again?

Q8.   Oh dear. You've still got some homework to do! Fortunately you can find out a lot of the answers using the internet. Do you:
find lots of pages of information and print off all of them?
only print off those pages that look really useful?
make notes on the information you need?
store the most useful pages in your 'Favourites' so that you can look at them offline?

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