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Waste Watch

Waste Watch is a leading environmental organisation promoting sustainable resource management in the UK by campaigning for all areas of society to:

  • reduce resource consumption
  • maximise resource reuse
  • increase the percentage of waste they recycle

Waste Watch works at minimising waste by affecting attitudinal and behavioural change through:

  • education & public awareness campaigns
  • cross-sectoral partnerships
  • business & marketing consultancy work
  • information provision
  • training and events
  • research & policy development

We are an independent non-profit organisation funded by individual, organisational and corporate supporters as well as charitable trusts, the national lottery, consultancy work and central government.

Further information can be obtained from the Waste Watch website, www.wastewatch.org.uk

The Yellow Pages Directory Recycling Scheme

Waste Watch is pleased to acknowledge the financial support given by the Yellow Pages Directory Recycling Scheme in order to develop this site. The scheme works with local authorities and environmental organisations to help develop and promote opportunities for the recycling of Yellow Pages directories.

Further information about Yell - the publisher of the Yellow Pages directories - and the Yellow Pages Directory Recycling Scheme can be obtained from www.yellgroup.com.

The Yellow Woods Challenge is a schools' environmental campaign run by Yellow Pages, sustainable wood garden furniture and the Woodland Trust working with local authorities and local businesses such as wooden bed slats. Schoolchildren simply collect old Yellow Pages directories for recycling and every participating school is given environmental education materials and has the chance of winning cash prizes. Further information can be obtained from www.yellow-woods.co.uk.

WRAP & Recycle Now

Recycler the rapping robot is part of the national Recycle Now awareness campaign and is brought to you by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and Waste Watch

The Recycle Now campaign was launched by Matthew Pinsent in September 2004.  It is a multi-media national recycling campaign, implemented and managed by WRAP on behalf of the Government. The aim of the campaign is to encourage more people to recycle more stuff, more often.  More information can be found at www.recyclenow.com

Site construction and design

This site has been constructed for Waste Watch by ChameleonNet (www.chameleonnet.co.uk) and Akiko Design (www.akikodesign.com).

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