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Is your brain full of rubbish?

All right, let's see how much you really know about waste and the 3Rs!

Try these eight questions to test your knowledge on waste and what should be done with it. The answers will be revealed as you go...

Q1.  What is the best way to deal with our rubbish?
reuse it
recycle it
reduce it
throw it in the bin

Q2.  What is the best way to reduce the number of bottles and cartons wasted at school?
don't drink anything at school
use bottles that can be filled up again and again
use bottles that can be recycled
use smaller bottles and cartons

Q3.  If we filled a queue of double decker buses with our waste paper, how far would it stretch?
from London to Moscow (Russia)
from London to Melbourne (Australia)
from London to Manchester (England)
from London to Milan (Italy)

Q4.  Roughly how many trees does it take to make one tonne of paper?
3 trees
17 trees
11 trees
25 trees

Q5.  Which of the following helps to reduce the amount of paper used?
putting it in a recycling bin
putting it in a dustbin
writing or printing on both sides
making papier mache models

Q6.  What do the nappies that an average child uses in his or her life time weigh the same as?
a bicycle
a family car
a lorry
a motorbike

Q7.  What fraction of our household waste could be recycled?
more than a half
less than a quarter
nearly all of it
about a third

Q8.  If you collected up all of the empty aluminium drinks cans in the U.K. and took them for recycling, how much money could you make?
2 thousand pounds
30 million pounds
17 thousand pounds
1 million pounds

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