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Sometimes relationships don't work out, for one reason or another. You can stay together for the sake of family or pride, and lead a miserable existence. Or, you could get a quickie divorce like Britney Spears and Jason Alexander (55 hours must be a record). As they say, it's better to rip off the Band-Aid rather than slowly taking it off.

This metaphor can also be applied to your relationship with the new iPhone 6 you purchased recently. Whether it's due to the design, functionality or even price, sometimes you just want to end things with the Apple smartphone and move on.

But "how do you sell my new iphone 6 for cash?" you wonder. Well that's easy – just fill up the search bar above, hit enter, and explore the listed mobile recyclers. You can choose one offering the best price, or one with the quickest payment terms, or even one with a great respect for the environment. The point is, you can make an informed and lucrative the decision.

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