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The prices of smartphones tend to plummet quickly after a couple of years, indirectly proportional to Wirth's Law (or Gates' Law, as it's sometimes known). It's no surprise then that the eight-year-old iPhone 4 is notoriously difficult to sell. However, with the right contacts, you can actually sell iPhone 4 for a decent amount of money.

The fact is, many people still love their iPhone 4. And since Apple no longer produces replacement parts for the model, the only way to repair a malfunctioning unit is by directly replacing the damaged components from another used phone, which can only be obtained from iPhone 4 trade in. The trick is knowing which mobile recyclers to approach - and RecycleZone's unique search algorithm and rating system will provide you with the information with just the touch of a button. So if you want to sell iPhone 4 for cash, just enter the model of your phone in the search bar on top of this page, and we'll do the legwork for you.

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