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When the late Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPhone to the world at the Macworld 2007 convention in San Francisco, no one could have predicted how it would forever change the mobile telecommunication landscape. Developed at a cost of $150 million over a 30-month period between 2004 and 2006, the iPhone has emerged as arguably the most important and influential consumer electronics product ever created. It has elevated the narrow landscape of modern cellular communication into a lifestyle and productivity choice that has changed the way we live while generating tens of billions of dollars in direct and indirect revenues.

With the recent arrival of the iPhone X, you might be tempted to upgrade your existing phone and sell your iPhone 5. In which case, you'd probably wonder "How much can I sell my iPhone for?" Well, wonder no more. Simply key in your phone model into the search bar above and find out how you can sell your iPhone 5 for best price. Our unique system will help you to sell your iPhone 5 quickly and safely at an extremely competitive price.

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