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The iPhone has redefined the concept of communication, and introduced a slew of innovations that has literally changed the direction of mobile technology. Not all of its innovations were instantly embraced by consumers. Apple's determination to dispense with conventional keyboards and stylus, and refusal to provide external input options enraged its early users. Its resolve to promote the iPhone App Store and iTunes to distribute apps, music and videos was predicted to be a short-lived experiment for many. Apple's decision to integrate motion and orientation sensors in the form of accelerometers and gyroscopes was also viewed with deep scepticism at first.

And yet, nine generations later, these features have become a must-have. More importantly, these features have been copied by every other smartphone manufacturers on the planet – and those that refused to follow the trailblazing path of Apple went tumbling down into the annals of history (remember Nokia?).

So, if you would like to get into the slipstream of high tech smartphones, perhaps it’s time to sell iPhone 5S and upgrade to Apple's flagship model, the iPhone X. Use RecycleZone to seek out cash offers when you want to sell iPhone 5S 16GB or 32GB in less than a minute. We’ll also be able to help you get the best rate if you would like to sell iPhone 5C, the less powerful predecessor model.

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