Sell My Nokia Phone

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! At its peak, Nokia accounted for more than half of all mobiles sold in the world, and contributed up to 4% of Finland's GDP. The company's dominance of the industry was legendary. However, everything changed in 2007 when Steve Jobs revolutionised the mobile phone market with the iPhone. Nokia still made the best phone hardware, but its operating system, Symbian, was a Stone Age relic compared to the other more advanced OS available. In a single stroke, Nokia became irrelevant, and seven years later, the company's market share became negligible.

Microsoft bought the Nokia brand in 2014, but even Bill Gates couldn't revive the fallen giant. However, when they ended their venture into the mobile communication sector, a Finnish company, HMD, bought the rights and patents for Nokia. In 2017, the Nokia, or rather, Nokia HMD, entered the market again. The sales numbers are still insignificant, but for Nokia loyalists, it doesn't matter – Nokia's back.

However, owing to the small demand currently, it is a little hard to sell old Nokia phones. Even when there's a buyer, the prices are not that great – but not here. At RecycleZone, we connect you with buyers directly, which enables you to get the highest prices anywhere in the UK. So if you plan to recycle Nokia phone for cash, RecycleZone is your best bet.