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While you obviously cannot sell your iPad Air 1 anywhere near the original purchase price, you can be comforted by the fact that the value of Apple products tend to hold longer compared to electronic devices from other brands. This is probably due to the fact that Apple products are considered as status symbols.

In addition, to maximise the selling price of your Air 1, please stay clear of new Apple product launches – prices for used Apple products tend to plummet during that time.

And when you do decide to sell, please stay clear of the neighbourhood repair shop as they will offer you below market rate for the product (they need to create a profit margin when they resell it). Also, don't waste your time with search engine queries like "sell my iPad Air 1" – you run the risk of doing business with dodgy buyers and being ripped off.

Instead, go to established sites like RecycleZone. Here, we don’t directly purchase the iPad from buyers. Instead, we connect sellers like you with potential buyers. To get our recommendation, simply enter your model in the search bar located on top of the page, and hit enter. Voila! It's worth pointing out that in most transactions, sellers are paid within the same day of product delivery. So you should probably hurry a little now.

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