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The second generation Air 2 is one of the most popular models in Apple's series of iPad tablets. Released in 2014, approximately 300 million units were sold before the Air 2 was discontinued in March 2017. For most, their first experience with iPad began with the Air 2, so many have sentimental attachments to the device.

Nevertheless, as the hardware demands of modern games, apps and even Ultra HD videos grows progressively higher, many have started to upgrade to the more powerful fifth generation iPad (2017) and sixth generation iPad (2018). If you're contemplating about doing a similar upgrade, you might want to sell iPad Air 2 to offset the cost.

However, we would advise against doing trade-in or trade-up with Apple directly as the device will be valued lower compared to the open market. Instead, enter the model of your tablet on the search bar above the fold and be amazed at the rates you can get here.

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