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Apple's iPad Pro 9.7 (A1673/4/5) is the dream tablet for on-the-move professionals in the creative and artistic sectors. It's not as big as conventional laptops, but it's as powerful as most mid-range laptops. It comes with optional accessories like an Apple Pencil and a Smart Keyboard. It also has a massive 256GB storage space. And finally, its True Tone display was ahead of its time – images and videos frequently look better here than on desktop computers. The model was discontinued in June 2017 and replaced with the more powerful second generation models.

Despite that, there is currently a great demand for used iPad Pro 9.7 – probably from students majoring in design or arts who can't afford a new one. Be that as it may, if you have an unused unit gathering dust at home, it's probably a good idea to sell Apple iPad Pro 9.7 while the demand is strong. And if you need a helping hand, we'll only be too happy to help you sell iPad Pro 9.7. Since we'll connect you with direct buyers, you'll be receiving prices above the average market rate!

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