How to Dispose of a Mattress for Free

There are various solutions accessible to those who want to get rid of their mattress for free, but it’s vital to weigh the benefits and downsides before making a decision.

Let’s look at different methods of disposing of a mattress for zero cost, whilst detailing the potential difficulties you may encounter when going down this route. 

When should I get rid of my mattress?

You may be looking for ways to dispose of your mattress before you need to. The general advice by The Sleep Council is to get a new mattress after 7 or 8 years, or if you experience any of the following: 

  • It makes a lot more noise than usual.
  • You’ve seen a rise in allergies and/or asthma attacks.
  • It’s interfering with your sleep.
  • In some parts, the mattress is visibly droopy or damaged.
  • You frequently have muscular or joint stiffness when you wake up.

Although there’s no specific method to tell if it’s time for a new bed, if your mattress isn’t assisting you in getting a good night’s sleep, it’s time to get a new one.

Ways to get rid of a mattress for free

Sell your mattress

One free mattress disposal option is to sell it, as it may be appropriate for someone else depending on its condition. This is a popular option as you can recoup some of your initial investment by selling it, even if it is for a low price. Of course, the condition of your previous mattress will play a large role in this.

Some tips for selling your mattress online are: 

  • Make sure there is no substantial damage to your mattress – If you’re getting rid of it because you fancy a new one, that’s fine. But if there is a considerable amount of wear and it’s over eight years old, the chances of you selling it are quite slim. 
  • Take high-quality photographs – If you’re looking to sell your old mattress online, then you’ll need some photos to accompany the ad. Make sure these are taken with good lighting and a good camera (most smartphones have excellent cameras built-in) as this will make people more likely to enquire about your item. 
  • Specify any damages – Your mattress may have a slight scuff on one side, and that’s fine as many people will still be interested in it. However, you need to make sure any damages like this are listed in the online ad. If not, the potential buyer may be annoyed if they travel to pick up the mattress and find it is not in the condition they thought it was.

Donate your mattress to charity

Before you throw out your mattress, consider its condition. Even if it isn’t working for your sleep pattern, it may be useful to others – as long as it is clean and in a sellable condition – and make a huge difference to someone else.

Some charities welcome donations of old mattresses, and it might be a great way to help them raise some much-needed funds at the same time. By giving it to them, you can be assured that your mattress will be given to someone in need, as they make this valuable item available at a low cost.

Keep in mind that it must fulfil specific standards for your mattress to be accepted for donation. Typically, you’ll want to double-check that the fire label is clean and undamaged.

Here are a few charities that accept mattress donations: 

  • British Red Cross – In certain regions, free pick-up is offered, so it is always best to check with your local store. 
  • Emmaus – There are 29 Emmaus centres around the UK, all of which provide free collection, so it’s worth checking if there’s one near you. 
  • British Heart Foundation – If they are interested in the item, they will come to your home and retrieve your mattress for free before selling it at their store.

Recycle your mattress

You can also recycle your mattress by taking it to a local disposal centre. This is far better for the environment than dumping it in a landfill. It is simple to recycle the foam in mattresses as it may either be baled and sent out to help create energy, or recycled as industrial carpet underlay.

Check whether your local recycling centre accepts mattresses for recycling here

Although this is one of the quickest methods of disposing of your mattress for free, mattresses can be difficult to move without the assistance of a professional or another person due to their bulkiness. Because of this, the inconvenience usually outweighs the money you saved. 

If you can transport your old mattress to your local recycling centre yourself, it is free. However, if you don’t, another option is to contact your local council and ask them to collect it from your property – but this will come at a cost. 

3 mattress disposal methods to avoid

  1. If at all possible, avoid disposing of your mattress at a landfill site. If you have the opportunity to recycle it instead, you will be helping to improve the status of landfills and the environment. 
  1. Do not throw away your mattress on the side of the road, in a field or in any other public space, known as fly-tipping. It’s not only inconvenient for those who live close by, but it’s also unlawful, and you could face a hefty fine if you do it.
  1. Even though it may be a tempting way to dispose of a mattress for free, we advise that you do not burn it. While there are no specific regulations prohibiting bonfires in England and Wales, lighting a mattress on fire might be hazardous as you could quickly lose control of the fire. They may also be harmful to your health and the environment due to the gases they emit.

While there are several choices for consumers who want to get rid of their old mattresses for free, not all of them provide the same level of speed, convenience, and flexibility as a mattress removal service. RecycleZone can provide quick and effective mattress removal services, with same-day pickups available (subject to availability).

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