IT Relocation Services

Relocating your home or office when you have a substantial amount of IT equipment can be a big challenge. Due to the size and complexity of the task, it is common for organisations to have put in place an IT removal and relocation plan for their infrastructure months ahead of their relocation date. There are also many risks involved with IT relocation surrounding the loss and breach of data, potential damage and also improper disposal. 

Fortunately, RecycleZone are on hand to make the process far easier, with comprehensive collection, relocation and destruction services where necessary. 

RecycleZone IT Relocation Service

At RecycleZone, we have a fully trained and vetted fleet of professionals waiting to support you in your IT Relocation. We also have a wide variety of specialist computer-spec vehicles, meaning that we can always promise a tailored service and the most protective and suitable relocation vehicle for your equipment. We have spent years perfecting our process from risk management to the physical aspects of completing your removal. Our team are specialists at what they do and you can rest assured that all of your IT equipment is going to be handled professionally and safely by us, with communication throughout. 

We also understand that in order to keep your business and life running, you need relocation to be done quickly and efficiently. RecycleZone offer same day removal options throughout the UK and promise a punctual and professional service.

Contact our friendly team today who will be happy to answer your questions and arrange an IT relocation or clearance service.


Why is secure data destruction important for clearances?

Data security is a wide field of great importance, particularly for commercial organisations. The possession, storage and use of data is heavily regulated. In fact, the fines incurred from failing to adhere to these laws come at a significant reputational and financial cost. Data protection is not only important for consumer data, but it is also vital to protect company records and organisational data. You can find out more about the importance of keeping your data secure here.

How can you ensure any data will remain secure through destruction and relocation?

It is widely known that thieves can target your business around removal times either physically stealing IT equipment and storage devices from tips where these have been improperly disposed of or through negligent removal. Many believe that data destruction can occur simply through wiping drives or deleting files – but this is not strictly true. Our team at RecycleZone have years of experience and industry renowned destruction equipment unavailable to many businesses, meaning we can provide greater assurance that any data is thoroughly destroyed. Our industrial shredders will not leave a trace of data lying around, leaving you to relax. 

Why is hiring a professional service for IT Relocation Important?

The risks involved are very high with this kind of removal and the costs can be far-reaching for those that fail to relocate their IT infrastructure properly – particularly for companies of all scales. At RecycleZone we fully understand these risks and that your infrastructure needs to be relocated as quickly, professionally and safely as possible in order to keep your business moving. That is why we offer same day removals throughout the UK and have a specialist team on hand that can follow the correct and necessary procedures throughout. 

At RecycleZone, we have already assessed all of the risks, and prepared thorough plans to make your IT relocation fast and worry free! 

Are you insured?

Absolutely! RecycleZone is fully insured to provide this service. From start to finish, you can rest assured that your equipment and data is in safe hands. In the very rare event that items were lost or damaged, you would be due the necessary compensation as part of our insurance. If you would like to know more about our certification and insurance then feel free to call and speak to one of our friendly team today on 02039510083. 

How much equipment can you relocate?

At RecycleZone we can accomodate a single piece of equipment, or relocate your entire infrastructure. Regardless of whether you need a single PC moved or an entire data centre, we have tailored and specialised plans and packages to meet all of your needs. Due to the wide range of vehicles that we have available, we can always offer you the most cost and energy efficient means of relocating your equipment. 

For more information feel free to enquire with our friendly team who will be happy to answer any further questions and provide you with a free quote!

Can I take my IT equipment to a tip?

We strongly advise against taking your old and damaged IT equipment to a tip as a form of disposal. 

Firstly, doing so is against environmental regulations that require that WEEE waste is disposed of separately to general landfill waste since incorrect disposal of WEEE waste can cause hazardous gases to leak and pollute the environment and surrounding areas. 

Secondly, by taking your IT equipment to a tip, you risk your personal and company data being stolen by criminals and a potential data breach which can have costly implications for your reputation and finances. 

Both of these things can be easily avoided by arranging a relocation or removal with RecycleZone today since we can guarantee secure data destruction using industry approved machinery and recycle all remaining components. RecycleZone has an impressive 90% recycling rate and IT equipment is no exception! 

How do you recycle our old IT equipment?

RecycleZone has a strong recycling process and ethos. Most parts of an IT infrastructure are recyclable, however certain pieces of equipment with a heavy metal percentage are more difficult to recycle. We recycle your old equipment in line with the legal requirements under the European Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) directive. We deconstruct your equipment once we have removed all traces of data and separate materials into different types ready to be recycled accordingly. Any materials, such as certain metals, can be recycled into new things. Meanwhile, any materials which are unfit for recycling will nonetheless be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Do your services cover offices?

Yes. Our IT relocation and removal services are available to offices of all sizes and types. Although we also offer domestic IT removal services, our IT relocation services are most commonly used by commercial organisations and businesses looking to relocate, renovate or completely leave their current premises.