Private Bin Collection Services

About our private bin collection

Here at RecycleZone, we collect from thousands of homes around the country each month. Our private wheelie bin collection service empties your household waste bin on-demand, or at scheduled intervals, to ensure you never run out of valuable bin space. 

If you need more than your wheelie bin being emptied, consider booking our rubbish clearance service. We can remove just about any type of rubbish from your home, workplace, or garden in no time and at affordable prices.

Our private bin collection team will remove your waste and take it to a recycling plant, where your rubbish will be recycled by a specialist, so you can rest assured that your waste ends up in the right place and not on a landfill site. 

Is your bin over-capacity following redecorating, decluttering, a party, or a missed bin collection? Not to worry, RecycleZone are on hand to help with their domestic bin collection service. 

This service is designed to help you remove any household waste from your property if your bin is over-capacity. All you need to do is book the service online and leave your bin outside your home on the morning of your scheduled private bin collection. When we’re on our way you will receive a text message and a tracking link so you will know the bin has been emptied if you are not at home. 

Our domestic waste wheelie bin service is available throughout the UK. To find out if we serve your postcode, please contact the team!

Frequently asked questions about our private bin collection service

Is this service available for one-off bookings?

This service can be booked on a one-off basis if you have forgotten to put your bin out on collection day, or your bin is overflowing due to unforeseen circumstances. Whatever the reason, give us a call or make a one-off booking via our online portal.

Can I set up regular wheelie bin collections?

It is certainly possible to set up ongoing bin collections from our team. To set up regular scheduled collections, please get in touch with us to arrange suitable times. We offer discounts when bin collections are booked in bulk.

What happens to the rubbish we collect from your wheelie bin?

All waste we collect from your private bin collection will be taken to a local commercial Waste Transfer Station and recycled appropriately – nothing will end up on landfill, that’s guaranteed.

Do you offer one-off bookings?

Yes. Depending on your needs, we offer a weekly household bin collection service or a one-off clearance option to remove clutter from your property. Whether you’re having a clear out, moving home or emptying a loved one’s home after they have passed, our domestic rubbish removal experts are here to help you.

To book in for our private bin collection, get in touch with us today or book via our online portal – it’s quick and simple!