Furniture Removal Services

About Furniture Removal Services

Whether you are renovating your home or moving to another, one of the most challenging tasks is either relocating or disposing of your bulky furniture. Failing to do either of these things properly can result in hefty fines, injuries and damaged furniture. So it is always best to call in a team of professionals for the following two furniture removal services:

Relocation Services

When you’re moving from one place to another, transporting your heavy and delicate furniture safely can be a struggle. By hiring professionals like ours for your furniture removal, you can prevent your furniture from being damaged through improper loading. Unlike individuals looking to move, our specialist teams come equipped with professional equipment, which is key to ensuring that your furniture arrives safely and in prime condition. 

Clearance Services

With research revealing that only 1 in 10 people attempt to repair their damaged furniture leaving 90% destined for landfills, it has never been more important that your old furniture is disposed of in the most eco-friendly way. Fortunately, when handled properly by a team of professionals, your furniture can often be reused and recycled in order to reduce the environmental impact of wasted furniture. Not only this, but hiring a professional team for furniture clearance services allows you to rest assured that you’re doing the best thing for the environment and avoiding large fines for improper disposal! 

RecycleZone’s Furniture Removal Services

Our vetted team of professionals at RecycleZone are experts in all things furniture removal. Whether you are seeking to relocate or get rid of your old furniture, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs. Offering professional same day removal services, RecycleZone removes the hassle from moving and clearing your furniture. In both our furniture relocation and clearance services, we take the greatest care of your items and the promise to dispose of any old furniture in the most ethical and responsible way. You can rest assured that furniture removal will be stress-free and fast when you arrange a service with RecycleZone.

Get in contact with our friendly team today who will be happy to answer any of your questions and arrange your next furniture removal!


Can you collect furniture from flats?

Yes. We can collect your furniture no matter what property type you live in, with our removal services available throughout the UK. Whether you live in a bungalow or the 30th floor, rest assured that our professionally trained team at RecycleZone can remove your furniture with ease. 

Am I protected for loss or damage?

Yes! RecycleZone are fully insured with extensive removals insurance to give you the peace of mind that if your furniture is damaged or lost during a removal, you will be appropriately compensated. However, we are sure that with our team of professionals on hand, you’ll likely never have to worry about that anyway! 

Can you handle large furniture?

Definitely. It’s what we do at RecycleZone, making us experts in the field at disassembling and reassembling your furniture, ready for removal. During one removal, we can shift, dispose of and relocate any size furniture due to our expansive range of removal vans. 

Is there anything you are not allowed to move?

RecycleZone collects almost all kinds of furniture! Examples of the furniture we most commonly collect include beds, wardrobes, sofas, chairs, tables, desks, bookcases, cabinets, cupboards, garden furniture and chests of drawers. If there is anything in particular that you would like removed and you aren’t sure if we accept it, just call our friendly team for free on 02039510083 where we can answer any questions you might have about our service!

Do you offer long distance removals?

Absolutely! Our furniture removal service goes as far across the UK as you require, meaning we can get your furniture from your old home or office and into your new one as soon as possible, regardless of the distance between the properties. Contact our friendly team today to find out more about our flexible services! 

Do you dismantle furniture / rebuild it?

Yes! Our team of professionals are fully-trained in furniture removal. However, due to the size of our various vans, we often do not need to dismantle your furniture and rebuild it, we simply match your request with a suitable vehicle instead. On the occasion that we do have to dismantle your furniture and re-assemble it, our friendly team of professionals will be happy to do so! 

Do you accept sofas without fire labels?

Unlike charities, we do collect sofas without fire labels since we are not required to resell your old furniture and can recycle it in different ways. This makes us the perfect choice for old furniture that you no longer want, but cannot take to a charity shop! 

How soon can you collect my furniture?

At RecycleZone we understand that moving home can be stressful, with lots of deadlines involved. That is why we offer same day removal services and can take bookings online 24 hours a day – perfect if you are looking to get rid of your furniture or get it moving ASAP! Enquire with your desired timings and we will do the rest of the work. 

Are your furniture removal services available across the UK?

Absolutely! Our vetted and trained waste management team are able to deliver a furniture removal service from all corners of the UK. Please feel free to contact our team today to arrange a service on your doorstep at a time that is convenient for you. 

Do the council collect unwanted furniture?

Most councils do offer collection services for your unwanted furniture. However, they often charge to do so. Many also only collect a maximum of five large items at a time, which can prove problematic. To find out whether your local council provides this service and at what cost, you can use this tool.

Will you recycle my old furniture?

At RecycleZone we are committed to recycling your waste – and that includes your old furniture . In fact, we hold an impressive record of recycling at least 90% of all waste that we collect. We always encourage clients to get in touch with a local charity or company that could rehome your unwanted furniture and put them to good use if they are in a good condition. For example, any local hospices, charities, women’s refuges, and homeless shelters could benefit from your old furniture. Where this is not possible, we deconstruct your furniture and recycle it accordingly at our facilities. After all, we are waste management experts. 

Do charity shops accept unwanted furniture?

So long as your unwanted furniture is in a good condition, you could donate it to a charity shop and potentially have it collected free of charge. However, there is often a long wait time for these services due to demand, so if you are moving or looking to shift your furniture fast, this likely isn’t the best option. Certain furniture must also meet requirements such as having the necessary fire labels in order to be sold so charity stores will not accept sofas, for example, without these. If you are interested in donating your furniture to charity, you can find local charities such as the British Heart Foundation and 

Is it illegal to leave your Sofa on the street?

It is illegal to leave your sofa, or any other furniture on the street – and for good reason. By tipping your furniture and other waste onto the street can create problems with pests, become a safety hazard and can even constitute a local nuisance. The only instance in which you should leave your old furniture outside is if you have already arranged a formal collection, such as through the local council and can prove this. For example, local councils will require furniture be placed clearly and visibly outside of your property. Fly-tipping is deemed to be a serious criminal offence within the UK and those prosecuted can face imprisonment or large fines.

To avoid these fines and breaking the law, you should contact our professional team who will be happy to deliver quick and effective sofa removal services on your behalf.