Rubble Removal Services

About Rubble Removal Service 

Construction and renovations are stressful enough without having to consider what to do with the rubble that remains once you finish. Depending on the size of your job, your home or site might be left with masses of rubble and hardcore built up. Aside from being an eyesore, built up rubble is also a safety hazard, whether it’s in the home or on a construction site. 

Not only is rubble challenging to access and collect due to its size and build, but the regulations at local recycling centres also mean that only small quantities can be disposed of at any one time – making getting rid of your rubble a near impossible task. Yet failing to responsibly dispose of your rubble can prove very harmful for the environment and it is also illegal, with improper disposal leading to hefty fines. Reports have highlighted that roughly 60% of the waste created by the UK is a result of demolition and excavations – making it even more important to dispose of your rubble responsibly. 

Fortunately, hiring professional waste management specialists like ourselves at Recyclezone means you can avoid all of the hassle and responsibility since our team makes rubble removal quick and easy! 

RecycleZone’s Rubble Removal Service

The professionals at RecycleZone are fully trained to cater for the disposal of both small and large quantities of rubble, from large construction sites to smaller renovations. Our vetted clearance staff are available for same day removals and can work flexibly around your routine, removing your rubble within hours. 

The regulations on the disposal of rubble in recycling centers makes it challenging to dispose of rubble, particularly large amounts. But within hours we can leave your space mess-free, with the guarantee that all of your rubble and remains will be disposed of in the most responsible manner. At RecycleZone we go the extra mile to ensure you have as little stress as possible when getting rid of your waste, so we personally clear, pack and remove all rubble – you don’t have to lift a single finger!

Contact our friendly team today who will be happy to answer your questions and help you get rid of your rubble. 


What is ‘rubble’?

Rubble is the broad term used to describe waste remains comprising stone, brick and concrete and is most typically produced on construction sites or major renovations. Broadly speaking, it is used to describe small and broken bits and pieces of materials, which makes rubble notoriously difficult to clear up. Our friendly team at RecycleZone can retrieve, collect and dispose of all of your ‘rubble’ within hours, leaving no fragments behind. 

Do you supply rubble bags / skip bags?

Yes. Our service includes clearing and collecting all of the rubble that you need removed, so we bring our own highly durable rubble bags and skips for quick and easy transportation – meaning that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our services are all-inclusive, with no costs spared so contact us today for a free quote! 

Are your rubble removal services available across the UK?

Yes. All of our rubble removal services are available across all corners of the UK, with our trusted and vetted team quick and easy offering waste disposal throughout the country. 

What can rubble be used for?

Rubble can be reused for further construction projects once crushed and processed. This includes being used as aggregate for concrete or as filler in further work. That is why it is important to ensure that you dispose of it in the most eco-friendly way possible so that it is repurposed instead of left in landfills to pollute the environment. Our vetted professionals prevent 90% of waste from ending up in landfill sites. 

Can I sell rubble?

Yes, you can sell rubble on online marketplaces or to salvage yards since rubble has various extra uses, meaning it is perfect for being reused and recycled. More specifically, there is a waste-specific marketplace called EnviroMate which buys and sells leftover materials from construction. However, this could be a tedious job since it involves listing, selling and arranging collections for your materials.  It is also possible that no one will want or need your construction waste and it might be waiting around your home or site for some time. It is far more time-efficient to book a straightforward rubble disposal with RecycleZone and have your rubble removed quickly today.  

Can I put rubble in my bin?

No, you should not put rubble in your bin. Local councils strongly advise that household rubbish bins are strictly for general household waste and cannot manage heavy items such as soil and rubble. It also makes it difficult to recycle and protect the environment. Therefore, putting rubble in your household bin might result in the authorities’ refusal to collect your bin at all. Not only might this damage the bin or collection vehicle, but it may also cause injury to the council staff. It is far better to leave rubble disposal to professional rubbish removal teams like ours.  

Whose job is it to get rid of rubble?

Under the law, tradesmen responsible for the work that created the rubble must dispose of the waste on behalf of the home-owner as part of the service. The fees involved for doing so must be clear before the work begins, not after. However, it is down to you to ensure that they have the necessary licensing (e.g a waste carrier license) to do so. If you have been left with commercial waste to dispose of, such as rubble, then you should either push for collection by that tradesman or arrange our attentive collection and disposal services for quicker disposal. 

Does the tip accept rubble?

It depends on how much rubble there is. According to the authorities, rubble can only be disposed of at the tip or recycling centre if it is in small quantities. However, greater amounts of rubble from large renovations and construction sites can not be taken to the tip and will not be accepted – even if it is only from your home! If you do have a large amount of rubble, councils recommend hiring a professional waste clearance service such as RecycleZone to dispose of the rubble for you.