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Welcome to the info zone … the place to come for everything you need to know about rubbish! Use this part of recyclezone to find fascinating facts about waste and information to help
with your work, whether at school
or at home.
Is your brain full of rubbish? (Question mark)
Test your knowledge with our Rubbish Quiz.
Wacky waste facts (Bottle in river)
20 things you didn't know about waste.
Why bother with waste? (Tin can cartoon character)
Reasons why you need to take action on waste.
Fight waste at school (Text reading "3Rs")
The 3Rs and how they can help you to cut waste at school.
Home front (Flowers)
How to make sure that the battle against waste doesn't stop at the school gate.
Waste on the web (Faces)
Web links for primary children, secondary students, teachers & school managers.
Waste words (Non_specific text)
A glossary of words from the wonderful world of waste.
Virtual school (3D view of chairs in school cartoon)
Does school have to be rubbish? Find out by exploring our virtual school.

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