Rubbish Removal Camberwell

Looking for rubbish removal in Camberwell? RecycleZone is here to help.

Knowing the right way to deal with your waste can be tricky. If there’s too much to fit in your bins, then where can you take it? You don’t want to just leave it in your house or garden, looking unsightly and starting to cause an obstruction.

Relieve some of this stress by simply booking a professional waste disposal company like RecycleZone who can take care of all of your rubbish removal needs.

How RecycleZone Works

Whether you have a small amount of extra rubbish, or a house full, RecycleZone will be able to help you. We provide a rounded service that will meet your needs whilst keeping you informed every step of the way.

We are able to help you in many areas of rubbish removal. Here are just a few items that we will be able to take away:

  • Furniture such as tables, settees and chairs
  • Excess DIY waste
  • White goods such as fridges, dishwashers or freezers
  • Electrical goods like televisions, games consoles and computers

To make this service even more convenient, you are able to book a slot whenever you are free, with specified days and time slots available. Simply contact us to make an appointment or to ask any general questions you may have.

Types of Domestic Waste That We Collect

When talking about domestic waste, you can split them up into five categories:

  1. Recyclable materials
  2. Liquid waste
  3. Hazardous waste
  4. Solid rubbish
  5. Organic waste

Best practice would be to separate these types of waste and dispose of them in different ways in order to better protect the environment and follow guidelines. However, RecycleZone understands that this is not feasible for everyone and so we operate a service that can assist you in removing any type of rubbish. We can also help if you have a particularly large amount of any household waste.

Help with Recycling Your Camberwell Household Waste

With research showing that London produces too much waste (around 7m tonnes coming from homes, public buildings and businesses every year) that ends up in landfills, it is time to seriously commit to recycling as much as possible.

Now, we understand that it can be difficult to know what to recycle, how to split up materials and where to dispose of them correctly. This is especially true for WEEE products where there are many guidelines and strict laws to follow. That is where we come in to help.

As a company, RecycleZone pledged to recycle waste whenever we are able to. So far, we are able to recycle 90% of all metal, paper and plastics we take from our domestic rubbish removals.

If you find that you have a few too many unwanted items to fit into your bin and are wanting to have a good clear out, why not consider hiring a professional removal team to do the hard work for you?

Help with Camberwell Office Clearing

Sorting out your office when moving to a new unit is a tedious and time-consuming task, especially when you know you could be working on other things. Corporate office clearing can be incredibly difficult when you are trying to organise and facilitate a complete office move.

RecycleZone are can assist you with either disposing of or moving bulky items such as chairs, desks, computer units, room dividers and meeting tables. Our efficient service will see you back at work in no time.

Other Local Junk Disposal Options

Charity Donations

Before disposing of items that are in good condition, contact your local charity shops to see whether they would be interested in it.  If your household goods or furniture are of sellable quality, chances are they would be grateful for the help.

Some local charity shops in Camberwell who accept donations of household items are:

  • Crisis – They accept all clothing, accessories and homeware that is of good quality. Simply drop off your donations during the shop’s opening hours.
  • Royal Trinity Hospice – This Camberwell shop specialises in one-off items and is interested in taking donations of clothing, footwear and accessories.
  • British Heart Foundation – BHF operate a collection service where they will come and pick up large donations such as furniture. Just make sure it is in good condition and accessible to their pick-up team. 

Local Waste Management Centres

If you are a resident of Camberwell, then you can go to your nearest recycling centre and dispose of household waste for free. Simply make sure you check out their list of accepted waste types before you visit to save any wasted trips.

Upon arrival, ensure you have documentation ready that displays your address within Camberwell. You could use a current UK photo-card driving license, recent utility bill, a bank statement dated within the last three months or a current council tax bill.

Note that commercial waste is not accepted and so if you are a business and have a large amount of rubbish you need removed, seek out the help of a professional waste collection team.