Rubbish Removal in Tottenham

With our expert waste management services we are pleased to offer you a solution to your rubbish removal problems in Tottenham.

Have you been searching for rubbish removal options in Tottenham? Well, look no further. We have compiled information on all aspects of waste collection, when to donate to charity and how a professional removal company could be the answer to any rubbish problems you may have.

RecycleZone will be able to help you in many instances of waste removal, both personal and commercial, and can take away:

  • Bulky furniture like double beds, mattresses, wardrobe and built-in cabinets
  • Garden waste such as grass clippings, plants and turf
  • White goods like refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers
  • Electrical items that need special considerations such as computers, laptops and mobile phones
  • DIY and building waste

With this efficient, experienced and professional service, you can be rest assured that you waste will be dealt with appropriately and you will be left with a tidy home.

Our Recycling Promise

With research showing that out of all London’s waste, only 52% is currently being recycled, we have decided to be the frontrunners of eco-friendly professional waste collection.

After collecting your rubbish, we look to dispose of it in a manner that takes into account the impact on your local environment. That is why we pledge to recycle at least 90% of all metal, paper and plastics that we have taken during domestic rubbish collection.

You do not have to worry about doing any of the legwork yourself. Our team will research and find the best disposal solution while adhering to local guidelines, we will even tell you exactly where your waste ends up.

Our Tottenham Waste Removal Prices

The price for rubbish removal will differ depending on things like the amount of waste, type and the associated necessary guidelines for disposal. To give a rough estimate of the cost of a domestic waste removal, you will be looking to pay about £60 to £150.

The different services on offer and the prices they charge can be confusing when you are searching for a disposal company. That is why RecycleZone aim to be as transparent as possible in this regard so we will be happy to give you a no-strings-attached quote for your rubbish removal in Tottenham. You can get this by getting in touch over the phone or email.

When creating your quote, we will take into account the weight of your waste, estimated labour and loading, transport of the rubbish and any disposal or recycling fees that may occur during the process.

Our Services:

Domestic Rubbish Removal in Tottenham

When you are clearing out your household to redecorate or simply doing a spring clean, you may be surprised at the amount of rubbish that starts to pile up.

Rather than wondering what to do with it all, or how many trips it will take to dispose of it at your local recycling centre, take the easy way and employ a professional clearance company.

If you are looking to clear your space of any unwanted household items, try RecycleZone.

Even if you just have a few bags and are looking at the aftereffects of a large-scale renovation project, we have a service that will suit you.

Building Rubbish Removal in N17

When planning your dream renovation and DIY desires, the first thing you think of is not how you are going to deal with the waste. However, this is an incredibly important aspect to consider when organising building work. After all, how are you going to enjoy your perfect home if there are piles of rubbish distracting you from your beautiful decoration.

If you hire a professional building team then they are responsible for disposing of any waste that is produced during this process. What they are not responsible for is the unwanted furniture or household goods you sort out during the renovation.

For this area, you can employ a waste clearance company who will take these items off your hands and out of your home. Likewise, if you decide you can do the DIY work yourself, RecycleZone will be there to dispose of things like rubble, flooring and carpets, bricks, cement and plasterboard.

Tottenham Commercial Waste Collection & Disposal

As a business, it can be difficult to know what to do with excess waste. A lot of recycling centres do not accept large scales of commercial waste and a weekly bin collection does not cover the amount of rubbish a large office can produce.

RecycleZone can organise a regular collection that will take this waste from your commercial building and will leave it tidy.

We are also able to help with the clearing out of offices, disposing of bulky items like cabinets and conference tables. If you are moving premises, our team will be able to assist with moving desks, computers and chairs from one office to another.

Other Options for Rubbish Removal in Tottenham

Consider Donating to Charity

Are your unwanted goods still in good condition but simply do not fit in your home, why not donate them to a good cause and give them a new lease of life? There are so many charity stores in Tottenham who rely on the income they receive through selling pre-loved items.

Here are just a few local charities you could donate to:

  • Cancer Research UKThis charity accepts donations consisting of DVDs, CDs, clothing and other houseware. Just make sure all items are in sellable condition and will be able to help them make a profit.
  • Sue Ryder – Aiming to offer support with palliative, neurological and bereavement, Sue Ryder is an important charity that does a lot of great work. Their shops sell clothing, handbags, jewellery and books.
  • Sense – You can donate a range of items to Sense from vintage clothing, shoes, books, toys, electrical items, more. Some locations will even come to pick donations up from your home so get in touch with your local store to see where they can handle a large donation.

Still need your rubbished disposed of? Get in touch with the RecycleZone team now!