How to Pick the Right Office Clearance Company

So, you’re looking for office clearance in London, but where should you start? There’s no set process on planning your removal, but there are ways you can make the process as smooth as possible — like picking the right office clearance company. That’s why RecycleZone has put together a handy guide on doing just that.

A chart showing how to pick the right office clearance company

It is important to take the time to conduct your research before making any decisions. Choosing the wrong office clearance company could leave you with extra work and a larger bill. There are a host of things to consider surrounding both the work itself and the behind-the-scenes legal aspects. Here’s a run through of everything you need to know.

What to look for when picking the right office clearance company

1. Office clearance price

How much an office clearance costs will vary from company to company. Some companies will offer a free quote, usually requiring either an in-person inspection, or a description of the waste for disposal. Various factors can affect the price, including the waste itself (quantity, size, condition), and the logistics (accessibility and labour costs).

Amount of waste being collectedSize and weight of itemsCondition of itemsCost of labourEase of access
Often measured in metres squared.Large items are harder to remove and will generally cost more.Can they be reused/recycled or will they end up in general waste?Is this included in the price?Stairways and lack of accessible parking could increase the price.

It is important to pick an office clearance company that is transparent about its pricing. Be aware of companies that provide vague quotes, or base their prices solely on quantities. These companies will often have hidden costs that could come as an unwelcome surprise.

2. Resources

Image showing workers and waste clearance van

Depending on the scale of the operation, you may need to upsize the company you hire for rubbish removal in London. A larger operation will require either more vans, or larger vans to effectively remove all the waste. 

Alongside the vehicles, more staff will be needed to complete the office clearance. If you’re using a smaller-scale waste disposal company, note that it may take longer to complete the clearance than it would using a larger company. This is because a large company is likely to remove all waste from the office in one day, whereas a smaller company may take longer.

3. Experience in office clearance

Another factor to consider when hiring a waste removal company is their experience in office clearance. If office clearance is at the forefront of their business, more often than not, it’ll be a much smoother process than with a company that does office clearance as a side gig. 

When you’re picking a company, be sure to check how long it’s been around. Is it a well-established business, or a new start-up that’s still finding its feet?

An image showing the certifications an office clearance company should have

It’s also a good idea to check if a company’s personnel are trained and qualified. Investing in ongoing training produces better results than simply hiring someone that seems suitable. Qualifications to look out for include: Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and Contractors Health and Safety (CHAS).

4. Process

Different companies have different processes and breakdown of this is often found on the FAQs page. Making sure the process suits your requirements will save any hassle later on. You should consider when the clearance will happen (i.e. should it be completed during office hours, or would it be less disruptive to complete the removal out of hours?), as well as the timeframe (can it be completed within one day). 

Using a company that can cater to your needs will ensure minimum disturbance to both your employees and your business as a whole.

Questions you should ask your office waste clearance company

5. Waste carrier licence

What is a waste carrier licence?Why do companies need a waste carrier licence?How to check if a company has a waste carrier licence
One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to picking the right office clearance company is whether or not they hold a valid waste carrier licence. Any business dealing with transportation and buying, selling, or dealing with waste must obtain this licence to ensure they are complying with legal requirements. This is regardless of whether waste management is the primary focus of a business, or just a part of what they do.Some companies may be tempted to fly-tip or dispose of waste unethically. In the event of waste being disposed of incorrectly, the business from which the waste originated could be held accountable. This business must then be able to prove it did everything it could to ensure proper disposal, including hiring a company with the required licences. 

With fly-tipping and roadside dumping becoming increasingly common, it’s more important than ever to check you are hiring responsibly.
It can be hard to tell if a company has a valid waste carrier licence from its website alone. While some websites may have authentic widgets indicating the licence status, it is strongly recommended that you verify this using the public register of waste carriers. You can use the business name or registration number to complete this check. 

Note: There are two types of waste carrier licence: upper tier and lower tier. A person or organisation involved in buying, selling or transporting another company’s waste will always require the upper tier licence.

6. Location and knowledge of the local area

A map showing Recyclezone offers waste disposal services throughout the UK

Location is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, choosing a local office clearance company will reduce the environmental impact. Less travel time means less fuel used, lowering the overall emissions. Picking a local company will also benefit you as the customer.

Companies located near your office will often have earlier availability than companies with a longer travel time. Some local companies even offer same day rubbish collection. By staying local, the whole process should be less time-consuming, and often cheaper too.

Whether you opt for a local company or not, knowledge of the local area will be highly beneficial. Your waste removal company should have good knowledge of the local roads and facilities (including local charities and recycling points).

7. Responsiveness and reliability

Good communication is a vital part of running any business. The right office clearance company should be contactable by a few different channels (including telephone, email and online enquiry) and always aim to get back to you within 24 hours. They should be reliable and stick to bookings exactly (not moving dates or times). 

What you need to know about your office clearance company:

  • When is their next suitable availability?
  • Can they come quickly and when you need them?
  • Do they have good communication? 
  • Their policies around punctuality and cancellations

8. Reputation

The right company should walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Check out testimonials from previous customers to ensure that the service being advertised is reflected in the service that is received. Testimonials will often be displayed on a company’s website. You can also use websites such as or Google reviews.

Examples of a good and bad checkatrade account

Life is unpredictable, and occasionally things may go wrong. In the event of any negative comments, be sure to take note of how the service provider deals with such complaints. A professional business will respond in a positive manner and look to resolve the issue as soon as possible. 

Our customer feedback is incredibly important to us here at RecycleZone. We want our customers to be able to book their waste removal with peace of mind, knowing the job will be done safely and efficiently. You only need to look at our reviews to see this!

Choose RecycleZone as your office clearance company

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