Office Waste Disposal & Recycling: How Will My Office Waste Be Disposed Of?

An office clearance doesn’t end when all the clutter from your workspace is removed. That is just the beginning. What follows is a carefully choreographed process of safely and lawfully disposing of your unwanted waste. But how will your waste be disposed of? Read on to find out.

How will my office waste get disposed of with RecycleZone?

In the past, where there were goods that couldn’t be reused or recycled, they were sent to clog up landfills across the UK. Something that contradicts the values of our company. Fortunately, thanks to strides forward in technology, we are now able to convert unwanted waste into energy.

After an office clearance in London (or even elsewhere in the UK) by RecycleZone, your unwanted waste is taken to a plant where it is then burned to release heat. This is then used to heat some water, which is converted to steam. The pressure from the steam is able to power the blades of a turbine generator which in turn creates electricity.

Therefore, your unwanted waste, lying around and getting in the way, could in fact be used to power the nation.

How to dispose of business waste

Have a waste disposal company takes care of it

The clue is in our name. At RecycleZone we are committed to keeping your office waste out of the landfill sites. Therefore, if a good can be recycled we do just that. There are all sorts of waste, some exclusive to offices, some not, which can be recycled. Types of waste that can be recycled include office papers, cardboard and printer cartridges.

A graphic showing recyclable goods

After your office waste has been collected, recyclable goods are taken to a special facility where they can be sorted. Non-recyclable goods are removed, before cardboards, paper and plastics are separated. Plastics are then shredded into flakes or melted down to then be shaped into other new products. Recycled paper is then pulped with water to remove ink and break it down, before being cut and dispatched to make new products.

Take to a charity shop

Most office clearance companies will have good relationships with local charity shops. This means that waste, particularly used furniture, can be sent here to be re-sold. Here at RecycleZone we have strong partnerships with Sue Ryder and Debra charity shops.

This means that your once trusty office chair can find a new home, instead of being dumped on the rubbish heap. At the same time, its sale will go towards a worthy cause.

Sell online

Goods that are in tip-top condition can be re-sold. Even though we typically focus on waste and recycle, we can be of assistance in the retail market. We have good connections with a host of specialist second hand dealers, who are all able to sell used goods.

Image showing three chairs in sellable condition

The market for second hand goods is unpredictable. Buyers are looking for goods which are still in decent condition, in large quantities. Therefore, if you have a considerable number of co-ordinated, formulaic, desks or chairs then these will do quite well. Still functioning IT equipment is also resellable. 

Selling on used furniture and the like is far more time consuming that donating goods to the charity shop, with it often taking weeks before a buyer can be found. That said, if you are willing to wait, then putting your old furniture up for re-sale could be a lucrative option.

How not to dispose of your office waste

Image showing hazardous waste truck

Not every office clearance company is as dedicated to the fit and proper disposal of waste as we are. Some would rather cut corners, and engage in unethical practices such as fly tipping or dumping recyclables in landfill. There is more to office clearance than chucking everything in the back of a van and tossing it out at the nearest tip. Many types of goods require careful disposal, which if done incorrectly can have serious repercussions on the local environment and your business.

WEEE waste

One type of waste that has to be very conscientiously disposed of is WEEE waste. WEEE waste is any electrical good, including computers, printers and scanners. These products contain harmful chemicals, meaning that the disposal of them is carefully regulated. If WEEE waste disposal is done incorrectly then this can result in a considerable fine coming your way.

Image showing examples of office WEEE waste

Sensitive office materials

Sensitive office materials, confidential documents and other paperwork is another type of waste, which if disposed of incorrectly, can cause serious problems for your business. Paper regularly piles up in an office and can be a headache to get rid of. Yet, when it comes to removing old printouts it is not worth taking shortcuts.

Examples of sensitive office materials

Examples of sensitive office materials

Why it’s important professionals take care of your sensitive office materials disposal

Wrongful disposal of confidential documents is a cyber security risk. If your old documents end up in the wrong hands then your business could be at serious risk of a data breach. Also, failure to properly dispose of documents could result in large fines coming your way under the Data Protection Act. 

Therefore, if you are having office documents disposed of, enquire in advance as to what your chosen disposal company will do with them. At RecycleZone we are happy to make use of a shredder to remove any classified documents.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous materials, such as paints, disinfectants and even batteries must also be correctly disposed of, if you want to stay on the right side of the law.

Examples of hazardous waste

If disposing of such goods make sure to ask in advance what your office clearance company will do with them. Hazardous materials can be thrown away with the rest of the waste but have to be carefully separated.

Your responsibility with waste disposal as a business

Your waste is your responsibility. And if something goes wrong with it, your business is as complicit as the office clearance company you hire. Therefore, before hiring a company to clear out your waste it is always worth doing some background checks beforehand. 

Although a less reliable, less ethical company may bring down how much the office clearance costs in the short-term, it will increase the expense through fines and security issues.

The consequences of operating without a waste carrier licence

When it comes to picking the right office clearance company, the most important thing to check is whether they have a waste carrier licence. Any company which transports, disposes of, or arranges to sale of waste must have a waste carrier licence, otherwise they are breaking the law. And a company caught disposing of waste without a licence will face a £5,000 fine. 

A company without a waste carrier licence is more likely to not understand how to properly dispose of specific types of waste, which could have repercussions for your business down the line. 

Before hiring a company it is also a good idea to read reviews on said company’s website. If they have plenty of positive reviews from previous customers then they are considerably more trustworthy.

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